Making life means making trouble - George Bernard Shaw

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The Crossroads of Should and Must
An absolute must-read from artist Elle Luna on Medium on leaving her job at Mailbox to make art. Complete with beautiful illustrations and heaps of wisdom on when to follow “must” and when to follow “should” in life and work (which shouldn’t be two separate things).
Image: Screenshot from the illustrated piece.
Related: Another fantastic read (this one from David Cain), on why procrastination is not laziness.
hello future family

In Which I Tell My Future Kids Fairy Tales OUAT Style...

See, the daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming, Emma, gets sent away with Pinocchio and grows up to fall in love with the son of the Beast and, they have a little boy –– who she gives up for adoption, and ends up with the Evil Queen.

Her kid finds her, and brings back to the town where…


Always loving Miss B’s style (via atlantic-pacific)

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Kiernan Shipka Vanity Fair

Nova Check Nerd: Pick Me Up…

mom and dad ain’t the only ones in Bermuda this week…
Dark ‘n Stormy
1.5 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
Barritt’s/Gosling’s Ginger Beer
slice of lime, optional